Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Strange Days Indeed

First it was "let's attack the US dependency on oil" and the fact that Bush wasn't really doing much for alternative fuels. Then Bush went to South America and struck a deal with Brazil that Chavez immediately criticized.

Now, because Bush has decided to somewhat support production of ethanol, Chavez has done a 180 and is attacking turning food into fuel. Just more evidence that Chavez has no stance except an anti-Bush stance (and whatever fifo tells him). Never mind that
In August 2006, the Venezuelan state oil corporation PDVSA signed an agreement with its Brazilian counterpart, Petrobras, for ''long-term'' supplies of ethanol as a renewable substitute for gasoline.
In US politics I'm really not happy with Pelosi's visit to Syria; fraternizing with governments accused or murdering Lebanese president and of aiding the insurgents in Iraq just doesn't seem right. I know some of you (wink wink) will hail her visit and see it as a peace token of sorts, after all how could we make our foreign policy any worse, right? Well, it could always be worse.

I'm also really dissapointed in how the UK has handled the Iran crisis. I would've expected them to show the MSM the marines were in Iraqui waters, but then again I would've never expected to see these soldiers confess to something they allegedly didn't do, and wear a headscarf in the process. Someone told me I was expecting too much, that these were not American marines. Maybe. But my God, this is the BRITISH NAVY. I'm right to expect more.

Having recently lost and cremated Papi, Keith Richard's confession that he snorted his is stomach turning to say the least.

But hey, what could be stranger than a PuertoRican claiming to be Jesus and having his followers tattoo the number "666" on themselves?

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