Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Another NFL Marine heading to Iraq

The Iraq Was has turned it's four year anniversary. I've been wanting to write my views on this, but time has not been on my side. In the meantime I give you this:
"The way I look at it, we're spreading freedom, and you have to support the troops and you have to support the war," Staat, 29, told KITV in Honolulu on Tuesday as he prepared to leave from Hawaii. "You can't just tell some Marine who just lost his buddy that we supported you but not the war, because in that case you're basically saying that Marine, his buddy, just died for nothing. We're one team."
Emphasis on the Last sentence is mine. I couldn't agree with him more. Some of you will think him foolish; personally I think he is brave, courageous and a true hero. He is willing to go fight for the freedom of others and to help his countrymen in the service. It doesn't get anymore selfless than that.

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