Friday, March 23, 2007

The Easter Bunny

I've been a Catholic all 36 years of my life. I've hunted for eggs almost every Easter Sunday; Abuela use to make us beautiful baskets that the "Easter Bunny" would leave for us.

However, I never knew until today that the Easter Bunny was a Catholic or Religious symbol for that matter. At least Santa Claus originates from Saint Nick, but come on the Easter Bunny?

Christmas trees have become "Holiday" trees, now the Easter Bunny is becoming either the "Spring" bunny or Peter the Rabbit. Yet they are still holding the egg hunts and other traditional events. In other word, they want to have their cake and eat it too. If as one of the complainers say, "Without Easter, there would be no Easter Bunny,” then without Easter there would be no egg hunt I guess. What's good for the goose .....

Surprisingly people in California are standing up for the Easter bunny. Hell may be freezing over after all.

I think this PC madness is going too far.

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