Tuesday, September 02, 2008

On Abortion

The pro-choice movement is about there being a choice, so why is it that when women decide to keep their babies it's an all out attack?

Yesterday I had a customer stop short of telling me that Bristol Palin should abort the baby because she wouldn't be taking care of the baby - meaning if Bristol went to college the baby would be in daycare. I was quick to point out that millions of women today leave their kids in daycare while they work.

The customer did not agree with the practice of leaving kids in daycare. Yet older women were not required to abort their babies.

This conversation struck a cord with me because it was illogical in its ideas. All the pro-choice women I've ever met have always been clear that keeping abortion legal is about a woman's right to choose. It is intertwined with women's rights and feminism. For someone to suggest that a baby should be aborted rather than placed in daycare, the latter done by the many women who work today, its just illogical. While I am no fan of daycare, children in daycare are no less loved, or nurtured. It just means parents have to work twice as hard to make up for the "lost" time.

One of my best friends' sister became pregnant at 18 with twins no less. Out of wedlock, from a conservative catholic family. The daughter of a doctor, so fully educated and with information on hand of how to practice safe sex. She finished college and is very happy with her twins. Is she less of a woman because she chose to have her daughters? Because she had to put them in daycare?

According to my customer, those two beautiful angels should not have been born either. I think the choice of having or not having the baby is purely the person's and no one elses. I do not condone abortion; I'm completely against it. To the point I once told a friend of mine I would raise her child. Unfortunately her mother forced her to abort. But if the left is not going to condemn teenagers for having abortions, then they should not condemn them for choosing life either.

That is what being pro-choice should be about.