Friday, July 18, 2008

HypocriticAl Gore

I'm not an environmentalist, though I believe we should reduce waste. In short I'm a firm believer of recycling. I'm also a firm believer of energy independence - not because of carbon footprints, but because I do not believe we should be so dependent on enemies resources.

That said, I also believe in alternative sources of energies because the price of gas is ridiculous, and if it helps keep cleaner air even better.

I walt to work (1 mile) every day under rain or exhausting heat. To save gas. I take the bus whenever possible. My husband will be taking the bus this fall to go to class and to work to save gas. We are in a pinch; financial yes, but a pinch nonetheless and we are willing to make the sacrifices to breathe easier (pun intended).

That is why it pisses me off that after Al Gore scared to death half the population of the world he is not even able to practice what he preaches. Do as I say not as I do...and his supporters seem to follow the same philosophy. But what is worse NO ONE calls him on it; except of course for the right. Where is the left outrage on this hypocrisy?

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