Friday, July 11, 2008

Racial Issue

We've been having a good laugh at the whole "black hole" brouhaha. Honestly, some people just either love to play the victim card or are just really looney.

On the hills of that Wal-Mart today pulled the comic books Memin. Now, I have to say, in the caribbean - at least in Puerto Rico - we grew up with Memin. It was never meant to be racist; I've said many times race in the Caribbean was dealt with very different from here. Yes we made fun of it, but in an affective way. A sort of "Mama Ines" way or "Mama Dolores" way.

Back to Memin, I want to highlight this only because the comic got pulled after Blacks complained that it was racist. Here is where cultures collide, and probably why some times Blacks and Hispanics don't mix. We just have different ways of viewing things. I don't agree with Memin being pulled; but I'm just one person. I'm sure many Hispanics (like my friends and I) for example are having a laugh at this out of disbelief.

Racial politics need to end; I refuse to walk around eggshells when I speak.

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