Monday, June 18, 2007

My Esoteric Nature

Update: A friend of mine did the bracelet design!!!

Those who know me really well know I'm somewhat of a natural psychic, mainly in premonitory dreams. I can also do psychic readings if I manage to stop my mind for a minute or two, and I'm pretty good at Tarot readings.
My best friend and I have a psychic connection and at somepoint could even transfer mental images. But somehow, for some reason, I strayed away. Probably because it scares the heck out of me to be open to the world, to be open to feelings, to be sensitive. In order to allow your psychic side to flourish you have to be in touch with the world around you.
So I've decided that my esoteric side, is part of who I am. It defines me, it defines my interests and more importantly it defines my soul and my spirit. No, I'm not abandoning my religion but I am embracing some esoteric symbolisms and beliefs, mainly Celtic Wicca.
As part of this going back to who I am, I have decided to get a couple more tattoos. I say a couple more because I already have one. These time I want them on my my wrists and/or ankle. After all, I will no longer be in the business world, and I have to be true to who I am.
So if you know a good tattoo artist, in particular a good Celtic Tattoo artist please do let me know. The designs I want are intricate: a Celtic Butterfly, a Celtic Cross and a Triquetra with a wrist band. My husband says the butterfly will have to go on the ankle for it is too intricate. So why these symbols? Well the Butterfly symbolizes rebirth, the Triquetra symbolizes the Holy Trinity and the Celtic Cross, well do I have to tell you?
Here is the butterfly and the cross. You can Google the Triquetra. The wrist band needs to be designed.

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