Friday, June 08, 2007

A Democrat that gets it

It's about 8 minutes long, though completely worth watching. The best part comes at about 30ss left, when Byron emphasizes that we first need to secure our borders and once we have managed that, only then, come back and deal with solving the status of those here illegally.

Maybe if a Democrat says it, then he won't be called a racist, or a bigot, or anything else.

If we only had more people in government with the balls to publicly declare this, rather than trying to win the Hispanic vote with some half-mast immigration reform.

El haragán trabaja doble they used to say at my house. We didn't take care of this in the 80's but we gave them amnesty. Here we are 20 years later again not taking care of the problem, and again giving them amnesty. It seems we'll be here again soon.

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