Monday, May 07, 2007

GOP Presidential debate

First, you know you've become a New Englander when it's 50 degrees and you walk outside with sandals and a short sleeve shirt and exclaim "what a beautiful day!"

Now back to the debate.

Who are all these people? It was hard for me to keep track of who was who among the unknowns. I've read some commentary from the conservative blogs and media, and it seems I may have been watching a different debate...but here goes anyway.

Sidebar: who came up with some of the questions? Fire them and get someone new.

Who Benefited Most - Mitt Romney. He came across as composed, intelligent, leveled, sincere, articulate and strong. I had never looked at Romney twice, but I have to admit he impressed me the most.

The Rest of the Pack - I was disappointed with Giuliani. I saw someone that while not scripted, had a hard time answering some of the questions and coming across as a strong leader. He was able to clearly state his position, but presence wise he didn't do a good job.

McCain. Oh my God, this guy just needs to go home and forget about the presidential race.

Ron Paul - never heard of him before, yet seems to have quite a following. He came across as sincere, and with some good ideas but he was too agressive for my taste; too pissed off. I just found it hard to look beyond his demeanor to listen to what he has to say. If he manages to come across in a more pleasant manner, he might come as a surprise to others.

Tom Tancredo. Is there anything else in this guy's head than the damn fence and immigration?

Gilmore. He seemed to be the more conservative of the bunch, handled himself well, but sort of said nothing new.

Thompson. No, not Fred. This guy lost me when he said it was ok for a private business to fire someone for being gay. While I applaud his honesty, he's going nowhere and fast.

Huckabee, Hunter and Brown. Who?

There was one candidate, I think it was Thompson, who early on came up with a great idea for Iraq - follow a US type government: federal and autonomous provinces and divide the oil among both governments of Iraq and the people. It sounded like a nice, easy solution. At least it was refreshing.

What I learned: Not a single candidate has a clue as to what securing our borders means. Not ONE. For them, securing the borders is all about the fence. I was highly disappointed by this.

Chris Matthews should've done his homework. He attempted to correct Romney on what he (Chris) thought was a wrong answer; turns out it was a procedure Chris was not aware of to further stem cell research without creating embryos.

Who writes these questions? Who cares what they think about Bill being back in the White House?