Saturday, February 24, 2007

The duality of February 24th

Diario Las Americas has an excellent article of why this date if one of celebration and profound sadness for Cubans.
In the late 1800's, 1895 to be exact, was el Grito de Baire, the beginning of the independence movement across Cuba. The start of a proud nation wanting to break free from Spanish rule.

But on 1997, el Grito de Baire, took a tragic turn; the downing of two planes of Brothers to the Rescue by the Castro regime. An open act of violence, of murder, and one that our government has chosen to ignore. Four people died that day. Four people whose death has found no justice. Four civilian men who were murdered by the Castro militia on purpose.

We can debate whether or not we agreed with Basulto's tactic; however no one can debate that the downing of two civilian and unarmed planes over international waters was a criminal act.

You can read my post from last year which includes the recording of the MIGs and the Cuban Air Force as they celebrate this assasination and also a link to the graphic representation of the downing.

Last year's post also includes various posts from other Cuban-American blogs.

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