Wednesday, February 07, 2007


There are brave dissidents in many countries that courageously fight for their right of free speech; against a totalitarian government. It seems that today many of them are getting the press recognition they deserve.

In a recent pamphlet about the internal troubles of Iran, its author asks:
“Why, they ask, is the American Left so indifferent to the struggle taking place in Iran? Why can’t the Iranian movement get the attention of so-called progressives and solidarity activists here? Why is it mainly neoconservatives who express interest in the Iranian struggle?”
We can substitute Iran with North Korea, Vietnam and of course Cuba, and it would still remain a valid question. Why is the American left so indefferent?

Thank God Vietnam dissidents are not indifferent; in fact they just won an award. Nor are the Cubans dissidents who get MSM recognnition this week, indifferent. Yes it's published by WaPo, but it's a Reuters story. Two more were released from jail this week; that still leaves 280 jailed.

Yet it seems that when the totalitarian government is a right wing dictatorship (Pinochet, la Junta Argentina) then the American Left seems not to be so indifferent.

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