Sunday, December 10, 2006

One Dictator Down...One To Go

Update II: Reader Roberto provides a link (lefty I know but at least the statistics are correct) that counters the argument of Pinochet's and "the Chicago Boyz" miracle economy. In Spanish here.

Update: It seems some of my readers are confused as to my stance regarding the Pinochet dictatorship. I will clarify with a comment I posted on a Babalu thread:
I'm sorry guys but excusing the bad - the tortures, deaths, persecution, lack of freedom of expression (mind you everything we fight AGAINST)- because of the good - economical development of the country - is NOT acceptable. Let me repeat that NOT ACCEPTABLE.

So if castro had maintained a capitalist economy and kept Cuba moving forward all his sins would be forgiven? The fusilados, persecuted, political prisoners, all of them "excused" because el hijo de puta did good on the economy? All forgiven if fidelito after 17 years had a referendum, lost and abided by it? Are you guys insane? Can you not see the hipocrisy in backing a right wing dictatorship but condemming a leftist one? The only difference between the two is economics; are we now placing a price on people's liberties?

Did any of you even live under the dictatorship as a dissident? NO, not communist, just dissident. Did any of you have to suffer persecution b/c someone who didn' like you told the government you were a communist when you and your family weren't? Did any of you had to withstand crimes against you b/c of different political ideology? b/c you were not privileged?

I think Gigi said it best: What saddens me the most is the refusal by my latin brethren in places like Chile, to admit that, Hey, Houston, we have a problem: we get fleeced by both the extreme right and the extreme left.

Tony44, sorry compadre..esto no es ser cabezona, es ser consecuente con mi ideologia y no ser hipocrita. No puedo condenar a fidel y avalar al pinocho solo porque adelanto la economia.
Pinochet and Castro are two sides of the same coin: one from the left, one from the right, both oppressive regimes where dissidents were summarily taken care of.

General Augusto Pinochet has finally met his maker at 91. Some are celebrating, others are crying his death. Me? I hope this will help Chile finally heal, reconcile and move forward.

May God have mercy on his soul.

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