Tuesday, December 05, 2006

No More Backpack

Update: Tomorroe I will have a CTScan done to see if surgery is needed.

Saturday was a beautiful day. Blue, not a cloud in the sky and a crisp 40 degrees. As is my routine every Saturday, I stopped at Dunkin on my walk to my office. Nothing better than hot coffee on such a beautiful morning.

Nearing my bulding, one full block away, I was taking in the natural beauty of the day when all of a sudden my chin was hitting the hard, cold, concrete pavement. Just like that. With the full force and speed of a 15lb backpack (laptop and papers) I was not only propelled forwards but I was also slammed into the pavement.

I didn't pass out, though I did nearly faint when I stood up. My breathing was shallow; I don't remember ever having been so scared. I checked my jaw and my teeth: all there. I felt my chin: blood. And my left hand was killing me. I stood up and flagged someone down to accompany me to the health center. A complete stranger. I had to swallow my pride and admit that I needed help. Once there I called my husband who left his English classes to come to my rescue - I was being sent to the hospital.

In the end I got a broken left hand and 4 stitches under my chin to celebrate our third wedding anniversary. Needless to say my husband took away my backpack and bought me one of those bags with wheels.

So as I type this with one hand, I'm counting the days for 2006 to be over and hoping 2007 will be much nicer. So, how was your weekend?